What to expect

Expect an experience that you will cherish forever. Fantasy portraits are a fusion of cosplay, fantasy and glamour all wrapped up to create a fine art piece. My philosophy is simple -"If you can think it, I can create it". My goal is to craft a collection of images that will astonish and amaze you, your family and friends. I guarantee to provide you with all the support, guidance and professional knowledge throughout your experience.  You will have an amazing day!

Pre-Shoot Consultation: Prepairing for your studio experience

Your experience begins with a one-on-one chat with me personally so we can plan your individual shoot. This consultation gives us time to talk about themes, costuming, special requests and make-up requirements. We will also look at how your collection is printed and presented. This consultation is conducted at a coffee club near you.  Coffee on me!

Once the plan is complete, we will book a date for your session in our air conditioned studio. The $50 studio fee is  then required and can be paid by cash, or card . This must be paid at the consultation to secure your booking. This is not lost but goes towards your image collection order which is made on the day of your photo shoot.

Your Photoshoot

We are not all models and therefore some feel very anxious about being photographed. I fully understand, so please be assured that I am a very easy-going person and after a few minutes into your session, you will be laughing and feeling much more relaxed and confident.  I will guide you through all the poses, so you don't need to have any experience.  You will be amazed at the results which will boost your confidence to have even more fun posing and getting into your character. 

Your session in the studio will take approximately 5-6 hours, depending on how many themes. This time includes make-up and any changes required for different themes, costuming including hair styling or wig application. A light lunch of sandwiches, cold drinks, tea and coffee are provided during you session.  Once we have finished in the studio, we will then see your images in our viewing room on the big screen.  I will then guide you through all the options available and design the perfect collection just for you. Payments, deposit and/or payment plans for collections are then finalised.


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“I had the best day! Loved every minute of it. Billie is awesome, so much fun to work with! I can’t wait to get my photos  & am already planning the next looks! Can’t recommend doing this highly enough”!!!

Felicity - Princess Leia

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"Billie and Rita made me look and feel amazing. Thank you to both of you lovely ladies"!

Tamara - Poison Ivy

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"I had lots of fun with my photo shoot with Billie. Both of us geeking/nerding out at the two characters I dressed up as for the shoot. Definitely recommend if you're looking to do a different type of photo shoot".

Marie - Captain  Marvel

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"Fantastic experience and an amazing way to spend a day! Everything from the shoot to the make up and receiving the actual photos was easygoing, professional and made fun. Thanks so much for a wonderful day"!

Chelsea - Raven

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"The best time that you will every spend in your life taking photos! Billie is wonderful with the work that she does, every time the results are amazing"!

Kimberley - D&D Character

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"This is the most confidence boosting experience of my life. Billie is the loveliest person and Rita, her make up artist, is a wizard with her craft, really bringing the looks to life along with Billie's costumes. Cannot recommend enough"!

Michelle - Steampunk

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"A photo shoot like no other! Unless you're a world famous full time professional top-model, it's very unlikely that you've ever experienced a day like this in your life. Billie is super friendly, exceptionally creative and very professional. She truly went above and beyond to bring my ideas to life, and I couldn't be happier"!

Liz - Pearl Queen

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"I had no idea how much time and work goes into these awesome photo shoots. The day started and ended with 5 looks and a tough decision to narrow down the amount of photos! The makeup, costume and photography was done with such professionalism yet it was so great to blast those 80’s hits! When it came time to receiving my images the expectations I had flew out the window when I saw what Billie had done - she knows what I want before I do. It was a fun filled day that I keep reliving every time I look at my photos!

Kate - Belle

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"A massive thank you to Billie for my shoot today! Photos are absolutely mind blowing beautiful!! I'm so grateful to you for this experience, thank you again!!

Tamara - White Ice Queen

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"Was such an amazing and awesome experience, Billie was awesome and so quirky and funny and she made me feel absolutely comfortable and at home and she is one amazing photographer. Thank you for the awesome day ladies"!

Madrid - Steampunk

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"I had the best time at my photo shoot with Billie!! She is just such a bubbly and lovely person rocking out to her 80's music. We managed to get through so many different looks and I loved all of them. It was definitely a great experience and a great day. Thanks so much Billie"!

Stephanie - Sailor Mars

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"I had the raddest day with Billie!  I felt like a damn princess haha! For someone that never wears makeup and can't pose for the life of me, Billie  was so patient and helpful. I was made to feel comfortable and confident! I recommend anyone who hasn't done a photo shoot before and if your into fantasy to go through Billie.
It really is a fantastic day and experience!

Natasha - Masquerade